About Us

Pan Asia Publications Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1991 as a publisher of educational books, including textbooks, revision books, activity books, readers and dictionaries. From these humble beginnings, Pan Asia has grown into a strong player in the Malaysian publishing scene, with more than a thousand titles under its belt.

Besides being a major publisher in the region, Pan Asia is also the sole distributor in Malaysia of published materials from the neighbouring countries of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations), including Singapore.

Pan Asia's significant venture in the field of education is a collaboration with Cambridge University Press. With our combined experience in publishing especially in the English Language, we have brought a whole new paradigm of resourceful and innovative education materials to students in Malaysia.

As Malaysia takes its place in a competitive globalised world, with a renewed focus on education, Pan Asia promises to be there every step of the way - with the students, the educators and all who find fulfilment in learning!



Pan Asia envisions a highly globalised and competitive future world, with Malaysia at the forefront of innovation and excellence. It is an ambitious goal, but not an impossible one. In order to achieve this vision of success, Malaysia needs citizens who share the hopes and ideals of success - always learning, always growing, and always improving.


With this vision in mind, Pan Asia's stated mission is to open the path to this future through education and learning. Our mission is to be a facilitator, an enabler, a catalyst for positive change. In short, we intend to give every Malaysian a chance to be the best and to achieve their own personal mission in life.



Pan Asia's focus is, of course, on our customers - every single person who desires to learn. Each and every citizen of Malaysia plays an important role in building our nation. Pan Asia chooses to sow the seeds of progress where the soil is most fertile – the students of today. Though they may be young, they are full of promise. These very same individuals will be the future leaders and movers of our society, the architects of tomorrow. And we at Pan Asia intend to give them every chance to excel.


To this end, Pan Asia seeks to open doorways of opportunity for students through education. Success in today's world is built on the solid foundation of a good education. We not only help to lay this foundation, we also draw up the plans for a complete education and reinforce each higher level of learning as it is built upon.


A firm grasp of the English language is vital and indispensable in today's globalised world. Be it in business, science or in scholarship, English still dominates the international scene. In the light of this, Pan Asia has specialised in providing first-class, world-standard English language education materials for Malaysian learners.

To further this end, Pan Asia has also entered into collaboration with a few international publishers, including one of the world's largest academic and educational publishers - Cambridge University Press. Cambridge University Press is the world's oldest printing and publishing house, and an authority on all matters English. Together, there is no better partnership in bringing the mastery of English into the homes of all Malaysians.


Pan Asia's benefit from the capable leadership of several remarkable individuals. Though these professionals are experienced, world-wise and independent in their own right, they consult and make decisions together as a whole, that their leadership may better meet the challenges of the moment.

Suffice to say more than 25 years of business success is only the beginning for Pan Asia!

The Team

Pan Asia's workforce consists of a dedicated team of professionals. Our focus is not on gross quantity, but on top quality. To this end, our team comprises well educated, highly skilled and well experienced writers, editors, warehouse, accounts and administrative and production staff. We have marketing personnel based in every state in Malaysia as well as in Sabah and Sarawak. We also have offices in Penang (Northern) and Johor Bahru (Southern).

We at Pan Asia, are dedicated to the learning experience of our customers. In order to achieve this, we are equally dedicated to the well being of our staff. Our staffs in return, are always encouraged and motivated, from the excellent feedback they receive from customers who use the high quality educational materials published by Pan Asia in which they have played a part in creating.


Our partners in business play a critically important role in making Pan Asia's vision and mission a reality. We place great emphasis on the needs and priorities of our partners, be they dealers, distributors or bookshops. And our number one priority is the same - the needs and wants of our customers. Together, we ensure that our quality education materials will reach those who need it the most.